Port to Port Timetable
Port Chalmers/Quarantine Island/Portobello
Daily and on Demand

Port to Port Ferry Crossing

Go between Port Chalmers, Quarantine Island, Portobello or Careys Bay by Ferry! Receive an explosive commentary as you travel right through the centre of Dunedin’s extinct volcano, between ports.  
Head across for coffee, food, entertainment, shopping, to see friends or to Cycle The Loop .  
Take your friends, children, dog or your bike!   You’ll see and hear about Otago Harbour History and industry as the trip is fully commentated by the skipper. Spot the shipwrecks, historic Quarantine Stations, birds and other boats along the way.

Please allow approx 10-15 minutes for a ferry transfer.
Adults $20, Children $10, each way.
Bicycles $15 each way. (Dunedin's locals discount available by buying  a concession card.)

(Prices, plus up to 3% in each booking and credit card fees)

Transfers between Portobello and Carey's Bay available. For people dining at or visiting the Historic Careys Bay Hotel.


Instead, see www.dunedincycleway.co.nz

Mini Harbour Tour-25 Minutes  
Want to get on the harbour for a shorter experience? You’ll receive full commentary and see lots of interesting things on the way. Great for a quick harbour experience, for children, to test out your sea legs or if you are short on time. 

Its the ferry trip, back to back, finishing at the same place you started from.

Ferry Prices 

  • Adults $40, Children $20-return
  • (Infants (0-2 years) $16 return)

(plus up to 3% in each booking and credit card fees)

Bookings are essential. Minimum numbers may apply.

Thank you for understanding our need to run efficiently.

--- Ferry Crossing Booking Time Table

Ferry Departures

Port Chalmers (Back Beach) 
to Portobello or Quarantine Island 

9:30am *busy periods/on demand

11:50am*Busy periods/on demand



3.30pm *busy periods/on demand

Portobello to Port Chalmers or Quarantine Island 

10:00am*busy periods/on demand


12:35pm *busy periods/on demand

6:10pm *busy periods/on demand


  • The times in BOLD are the more regular times. We always need to meet minimum numbers (usually 4 adults return) to run a transfer.  
  • The times listed in italics under *busy periods/on demand, usually run on busier days. Please book online and we will manually confirm all bookings to ensure we run efficiently and with comfortable numbers of people onboard.
  • Quarantine Island ferry usually returns to pick you back up approx 2 hours later, on the ferry running in the opposite direction. Differing times or overnight available.  
  • Please check your SPAM if waiting for your booking confirmation! Emails can end up in there.
  • If the time you would like to book does not apprear, when booking online, please ring or get in touch to enquire. As we may be able to run the trip anyway, if there is a little bit of interest.

--- Ferry Crossing Booking Time Table

Wildlife Cruises

Join a wildlife cruise to see albatross, fur seals and more! From Portobello Wharf, Portobello, or from Back Beach, Port Chalmers 10 minutes after advertised times,  on request. Going to Taiaroa Head Nature Reserve and albatross colony.

Allow 2 hours

Adults $125, Children $72, Infants $30 (Locals disount available if you live in dunedin. See booking form for code to apply.)
(Infants ages 0-4 years, children ages 5-15 years)

(Prices may be plus up to 3% in each booking and credit card fees)

Bookings are essential. Minimum numbers may apply

Easiest, quickest way to book is ONLINE

--- Wildlife Tour Booking

Wildlife Tour Departures


10:00am *busy periods

4:00pm *busy periods
Back Beach (Port Chalmers)
10:10am *busy periods
4:10pm *busy periods