School Holidays

Our school holiday activities and options are an interactive and exciting way to learn about the environment around us as well as a chance to get on the water from the comfort and safety of the MV Sootychaser.

We offer lots of fun things to do with kids during the holidays and weekends.

The vessl is a custom build and the sides of the boat are high and the inner cabin is enclosed with large windows, making our vessel extremely safe, even for very small children.

Life jackets are always available should you or your child want to wear one, though we are not required to do so according to NZ Maritime law, due to our area of operation.

Visit Quarantine Island for our famous Quarantine Island Treasure Hunt! Or the NZ marine Studies Centre to explore the Touch Tanks (the former Portobello Aquarium) and see and learn about Dunedin's extinct volcano and MUCH MORE!!!!

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