How We Operate
This is usually 'a one woman show'!

'A one woman show'!

When we say 'we', we really mean 'Rachel'.

Most of the time you will be dealing directly with owner/operator/skipper Rachel McGregor. You may also be lucky enough to have son Ashley (10) onboard too, during your cruise.

During peak times you may encounter a relief skipper or assistant office/phone attendant.

The benefits of booking with a small, family owned business are many! Including being able to ask questions, request special or flexible options, on the spot and provide feedback, that goes straight to the top.

Rachel deals with everything, from responding to your initial phone call or email, to making the booking, to greeting customers, skippering and commentating, loading your bike, doing the vessel maintenance and paperwork, right down to cleaning the toilet!

This means your experience with us is more likely to be personal, intimate and caring.

However, a 'one woman show' can only do so much!

So when you book with us, please understand that we are doing our best to attend to you straight away, whether it be on the phone, by email or facebook messenger

We must also meet minimum numbers to sail. You dont need to worry about this when booking, as it gets managed behind the scenes. But during quiet periods it may mean that your booking could be 'pending' and we may need to get back to you, once numbers have been met to confirm the booking.

The best time to book is before 10am the morning of the cruise. As this means we can more easily work things around you, rather than the other way around!

Please read our Terms And Conditions and FAQs if youd like more details and so you can understand us better and have realistic expectations of our service.

Thanks for your custom and support! 'We' look forward to welcoming you onboard Sootychaser!