Terms and Conditions


PLEASE WEAR MASKS AT ALL TIMES while ONBOARD. Unless discussed otherwise with the skipper at the time, or prior to arrival.
You may at times see the skipper remove their mask to be able to talk on the PA system or on the Marine radio. Please continue to wear yours even if you see the skipper has temporarily removed theirs.

Vacinne passes are NOT required to use our services from April 4th 2022.

If you are a vulnerable person and would like a special sailing, this might be possible by contacting us.


REFUNDS may not be given for cancellation of bookings by passengers, if made within 24 hours of tour departure time.
If the cancellation is made by way of email or text message, the cancellation period is extended to 36 hours.
For cancellations made within the cancellation period, a refund may be given, less any administration or bank payment charges, if applicable. Usually this is approximately 3% for each.
In the unlikely event that we need to cancel your service, you will be fully refunded.


If you have booked online and we cannot confirm your booking, we will offer you the choice of either a full refund or credit to use another time instead.

Bookings made online are charged at time of bookings, as the reservation system platform we use automatically does this. If the trip doesnt sail, you will be fully refunded including any credit card and booking fees you have paid. If you would not like to be charged at the time of booking the online booking system, please feel free to book through, email, text, or phone call.

Most bookings online start by reading PENDING SUPPLIER. We either manually confirm the booking, or if we cannot run the sailing, we will offer you the above options.
Any credit that might be applied in special circumstances, will be at the discretion of the owner. 

We will not be held responsible or liable for any damage or loss to your person or property while using our services. This includes bags, personal belongings, bikes, or person.


If blue 'adults binoculars' are loaned to chilkdren without the skippers permission and are damaged, you may be charged a replacement cost.

There are childrens binoculars available onboard. If these  become damaged by children, there is no damage charge.

Any specials, discounts or use of vouchers or concessions must be requested at the time of booking to be eligible.

Photographs/videos are sometimes taken during a tour that might be used in social media or advertising. Please let us know in your booking notes or when talking to us, if you would like to be excluded from that. We do our best to ask for permission again in person, if we are taking footage for this purpose.


Due to continuing rising costs of fuel and supplies, our advertising material may be out of date when you receive it. 

If you have a voucher that is for a particular product and is in date, we can still honour this, though minumum cost must still be met to run the cruise (this is usually met by meeting minimum numbers of other passengers).

If a voucher has been a donation from Port To Port, or is a purchased voucher which is being honoured but is out of date, then you may need to pay the balance to top it up to meet the new pricing.

If you have a voucher that is a '2 for 1' type and is out of date, we may still accept the voucher as being for the value paid, but not for the free person.

Please check the website for current prices and times and contact us if you have any questions.



Please be 5 minutes early at your departure point so you do not miss the ferry/cruise.

Tickets are not refundable if the boat leaves without you because you are late.




Infants 0-2 years

Children 3-15 years

Adults 16 years and up

Wildlife Cruises-

Infant 0-5 years

Child 6-15 years

Adults 16 years and up.

Prices are different because we choose to limit the numbers of passengers on the wildlife cruise to provide comfort for passengers. So we can charge less for infants as we can choose how many people we take and therefore the infant may not always be taking up a 'paying seat', so we can make the seat a little cheaper for you.

But on the ferry we load the boat according to survey maximum numbers and the infant will be taking a 'paying seat', so we still charge a childs price, except for babies under 2 years of age, as a good will gesture.

On some special cruises we may specify different ages to listed above as 'children' on that particular sailing. This is because we may include things like treats and lollies. In which case we may only choose to charge the extra to cover those costs for those, on tickets where the person is at the age that they are able to eat or recieve the treats or lollies. 

-These Cancellation Policies and Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.