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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to alter or cancel any cruise, to ensure comfort and safety of passengers. In this event, other options will be offered to ensure your trip is as enjoyable as possible, with similar viewing opportunities and within the same timeframe.

Options will be determined on the day by the skipper and on consultation with passengers. You will not be charged for any extra costs associated with these changes being made.

If it is determined by Port to Port Cruises and Wildlife Tours that a trip must be cancelled altogether, a refund will be offered to passengers.

Refunds may not be given for cancellation of bookings by passengers, if made within 24 hours of tour departure.

If the cancellation is made by way of email or text message, the cancellation period is extended to 36 hours.

For cancellations made within the cancellation period, a refund may be given, less any administration costs, if applicable.

Private/Cruise Ship Tours

If the cancellation is because the your Cruise Ship is not able to enter port, refunds will be given, less any administration or outside contractual costs associated.
Refunds will be at the discretion of Port To Port Cruises and Wildlife Tours, but may not be given for cancellation of bookings by passengers, if given notice of less than 7 days of tour departure.
Refunds may be given for tours cancelled by passengers, with more than 7 days notice, less any administration or outside contractual costs, deposits made, or both. 
In any of the above events, refunds may not be available for Extra Items (See below.)
Extra Items are additional items or services offered or requested, such as additional catering, activities or tours. These items will have been previously arranged, agreed upon and quoted.


Evening functions/private charters
Some private charters will require minimum numbers and a deposit which may be agreed on at the time of booking confirmation. If no deposit is agreed on at the time of confirmation, it will be 20%.
Deposits may be non refundable, in the event of cancellation by passengers.


Special Cruises-Fish and chip, Special Occasion or Holiday.

Refunds may not be given with less than 48 hours notice or cancellation by passengers.

Ferry Cancellation Policy

Ferry fare may be refundable in the event of cancellation by the passenger, if made with the cancellation period, before ferry departure time, less any administration costs, if applicable.

In the unlikely event of cancellation of your service, you will be fully refunded.

In General

Minimum numbers or payment may apply top all of our cruises and services.

In exceptional circumstances refunds can be made at the discretion of Port to Port Cruises and Wildlife Tours, for any services listed above.

Please follow the safety advise given to you by staff. This includes advise given for self guided shore excursions. Port To Port Wildlife Cruises and Tours accepts no liability for injuries, accidents or medical events resulting from participating in tours or activities.  


All practical steps will be taken to ensure passenger safety and comfort for all services.

We do not accept liability for injuries associated with your participation in our services.

Safety instructions and a briefing will be conducted at the beginning of every tour or cruise. Please listen carefully and follow all instructions of the Skipper, Crew or driver.

Smoking is not permitted on any of our vehicles or vessels.

If you have a known medical condition, injury or limitation which may be relevant to your participation in our services, please advise us, so this can be considered prior to booking.


Warm jackets are provided for passenger use, at no extra charge.

Wearing of life jackets is not a  is not a requirement for most aspects of this operation. However lifesaving appliances are available for all on board. If would like to wear a life jacket please inform the crew and this can be organized.

All maritime activities of this nature are associated with some element of risk. The safety of our passengers is top priority and any risks have been carefully identified and managed. New Zealand maritime activities are stringently governed and audited.

Time Tables

All cruises, ferry and shuttle services run from October 1st until March 31st, unless by prior arrangement.

Please contact us to make bookings or enquire about services outside these dates or listed times.

Please see the timetables for usual running times.

Pricing and payments

All prices are inclusive of GST, unless otherwise stated.

For the purpose of bookings:

Children are persons aged between 5 and 15 years of age.

Infants are person's aged between 0 and 4 years of age.

In the event of a refund, in some instances there may be administration fees, or deposits, or both which are non refundable. 

Refunds are not available for cancelled services when they are under promotion, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Port To Port Cruises and Wildlife Tours will not be held liable for any fraud resulting from provision of your details online, including credit card . We do endevour to use secure facilities.

You may provide credit card details over the phone to secure bookings and make payments, if you prefer.



We endevour to show you as much wildlife as we can on our cruises. Many of our passenger's expectations are exceeded.

However, because of the nature of wild animals, we cannot guarantee sighting of any particular animal.

Viewing opportunities vary for every cruise and can be related to seasons, local conditions, weather and many other variables.

Refunds will not be given in the event you do not see albatross fly on a cruise, or you feel your expectations are not met.

These Cancellation Policies and Terms and Conditions are subject to change.

Albatross, Wildlife and Harbour Cruise-$90

Albatross, Wildlife and Harbour Cruise-$90

Cruise Ship Passenger Dunedin Tours-From $90

Cruise Ship Passenger Dunedin Tours-From $90

Otago Harbour Ferry -From $12

Otago Harbour Ferry -From $12

Children's Cruises and  Holidays

Children's Cruises and Holidays

Quarantine Island

Quarantine Island

Private Groups, Celebrations and Work Dos

Private Groups, Celebrations and Work Dos